Meet our Make-Up artist team

Joyce Wang

9 years experiences in Wedding industry.
Melbourne most popular Asian make-up artist.

2011 – ‘Melbourne Cover Girl Fashion Show’, backstage make-up artist.

2014 – Became LJHM master class lecturer.

2015 – Lecturer of make-up class in Perth & New Zealand.

2016 – Advanced study in Europe for bridal trendy styles.

2016 – First Australian make-up artist went to Iceland for pre-wedding make-up & hairstyles.

2016 – Make-up artist of Australia famous TV star Erin Batman.

2017 – Advanced study int Japan for bridal trendy styles.

Stella Lee

6 years experiences in both wedding and fashion industry.
Youtube beauty blogger.

2014 – Advanced study at Top Makeup Hong Kong.

2014 – ‘Melbourne Beauty Expo’, backstage stylist.

2016 – ‘Bobbi Brown Makeup Workshop’, Lecturer.

2016 – ‘Yves Saint Laurent Makeup Master Class Melbourne’, Lecturer.

2017 – Advanced study in Taiwan specializing in Asian bridal make-up.

2018 – Advanced study in Japan for hairstyling.

Vivian Huang

8 years in both wedding and fashion industry.

2012-2013 – ‘Gloria Spring Fashion Show Beijing’, backstage make-up artist.

2014 – work published on ‘Cosmo Bride China –November’.

2015 – ‘Alice Mccall’, photo shoot make-up artist.

2016 – ‘Star on Set’, contracted make-up artist.

2016-2017 – ‘Chanel’, contracted make-up artist.

2017 – Famous Chinese model Rinrin's make-up artist for Melbourne pre-wedding and engagement party.

Rena Liu

11 years in Melbourne and China wedding and fashion industry.

2008 – Advanced study at Korea for fashion make-up style.

2008 – ‘Victorian State School Spectacular’, backstage make-up artist.

2009 – ‘Beijing Young Shine Fashion Studio’, contracted make-up artist.

2009 – ‘Swarovski Product Release Show in Beijing’, stylist.

2009-2011 – TK Melbourne College, lecturer/make-up teacher.

2018 – Advanced study at ‘Lize Studio China’.